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How can I help you ?

  • Mobile applications Android - 2.3 to 4.4
  • Interaction design mobile apps & web
  • web services rest & soap
  • Open to use javascript & jQuery
  • Designing with html(4,5) & CSS(<=3)
  • front end programming with java & Jee (servlet,jsp,struts2)
  • Databases' Sqlite, MySql & Oracle
  • Subversions git & uberSVN

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    Some projects I have done:

  • android apps  Studycopter, Lobbyfriend, Sylvandell

  • web work,

  • Socially available on :

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    I don't have much hobbies but , I like :
    • writing little code after thinking a lot !

    • getting clicked nicely ;)

    • singing along with my acoustic :)

    • reading technology and random stuff XD

  • FAQ - How did you do this webpage and uploaded it to a free hosting ?

  • Ans. I just have used an open source javascript library named impress.js for this! Which obviously is inspired by the prezi and its a github page so its free for all.
  • So lets make world a better place to live!  :)